Monday, September 21, 2009

Trapeze girls, Sandra Bullock's husband, Hot chicks smoking your attention yet?

Thought that would get your attention....yeah Trapeze girls do it for me too...but enough about hot chicks in tights and suspended in air...Here are some pictures from my files for all to enjoy while you are reading thins link that Jesse James linked off of :
Jesse built this man a bike to raffle off for his mission and what a mission it is. I don't usually go for charity type stuff, but this guy will be getting some of my earnings. To see a legitimate problem in the world and do something about it, that is heroic. I can always appreciate it when someone rolls up their sleeves and fixes a moral wrong and doesn't wait for someone else to do it. Go here read this. Get some tissues before you read the testimonials.

This is a cool Charger I followed in Philly while vacationing there last year.

The lovely wife last year at Halloween dresed up like the Technoviking chick.

Hey Hey it's ChopperDave...

The wife pinging on the Flynch Compound!

Just a hot chick smoking a cigar...move along nothing to see here....

The wife sanding Maddogs tank...we painted many layers of color and she sanded thru them to create a flame design.

JT Nesbitt and Tom. JT is setting on my old Shovelhead. Also the infamous Kurtmeister and my old Possum van.

You know...

A cool NYC Triumph in front of 6th Street Specials.

Maddogs Dyna, a few months after it was brand may have been the first Rat Dyna ever.


  1. Hmmm....somewhere I still have those Simon Bisley Death Dealer comics...