Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is funny, (turn down the volume with kids in the room.)

Not that I have ever been to any strip clubs, but I once had a conversation about theology with a stripper who wanted to discuss Moses with me as she tried to sell me a lap I feel sorry for the girls, they can't be expected to be all sexually fueled and want to be treated as a person that can have a normal conversation...but it is a strip club and they are naked...and...(Okay I once dated a one eared stripper and hung out at the club, after a wek or so, you get used to talking to her nude co-workers and not feeling awkward about it, and sometimes I would catch myself talking to a hot nude woman about drywall, or her stock portfolio, or she would want you to listen to her car and even she would forget she was naked and would start out the door to the employees parking lot with all her co-workers in tow to hear her car make a funny noise...yes this actually happened, we were ten feet out the door before the bouncer realized there were four naked chicks and a dude heading out the back door...the funny thing was the girls would hang out afterwords at parties and I would catch myself checking them out when they had clothes on...being around naked people screws with your head. Do it anyway!)

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