Friday, August 26, 2011

The world's a mess it's in my kiss.

Damn it's dusty in here...sorry about the lack of posting, been building a new house, barn and turning in a record amount of overtime to pay for the fancy stuff to go in it...lets see where I left off, hit a deer, been riding the FXRP with a busted fairing....still love the bike and wonder how the FXR did not put the Japanese manufacturers out of business, until I read old reviews of the FXR and see why...geeze the hatred of American made motorcycles...the new issue of Walnecks has a review of the 1986 FXRD....well lets just say it is a telling sign of the future American haters that we are seeing the closer we get to 9/11...

But I digress...ever wonder what happened to all the FXR's? I mean they made an awful lot of them, are they pushed away in peoples garages ashamed that they chromed them out and painted them teal and orange?...people don't scrap Harleys...I was noticing all the bikes I see on the road today...lots of old Evo powered Electra glides...not one FXR...(I know Genghis would have a field day with this topic but really I want to know.) Where did they all go?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is not going to end well....

Dagny would have never driven a Toyota.

Ahhh the humility of it all...

I finally got to meet my hero Roadside marty last week...I should have gotten a picture I know....(And Roadside, I am not Shadetree.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So, in summary, the Baby Boomers fought wars they never paid for, stomped their feet and demanded that the government raise social services while lowering taxes, effectively stealing money out of our bank accounts before we were even born, shipped all of our jobs overseas so they could make millions of dollars a year instead of a measly several hundred thousand dollars a year, and are now throwing a temper tantrum whenever anyone suggests that we raise the retirement age or lower social security benefits. But my generation is the Me Generation.