Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beware SOE travlers....and Big Chris from Cycle Source....

Katie Couric has stated that she will buy a Honda Prius as a reaction to the BP spill...what a retard...the roads wil not be safe ever again...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dry it up Jesse and get back to building bikes and crazy shit...

Though he wouldn't want it, I do have some sympathy for Jesse, having grown up in an abusive foster home myself, I can understand how that fucks with your head...and creates an inner turmoil which can never be fed enough to satisfy ones self-esteem. While I will stop short of being all touchy feely, I will say that the biker world is full of people with fucked up personal history, maybe it is the self-expression of building bikes that connects us or the fact that we know that riding a Harley/Chopper/unusual motorcycle means we are going against the grain and it is a sign to others that there is a screw loose. Check your Premises.

Humanity, oh the humility of it all.

Meant to post this yesterday...

Coming soon...enough Tom Rose adventure shots....

To make GS riders go to the dealer to pick up their broke back bikes long enough to sell them to another poser and hide their heads in shame forever...never to say Adventure ever again...FXR's...the real adventure bikes!

BP the ugly face of capitalism?

I was watching the news this morning and saw a segment about people protesting BP...and capitalism...I'm assuming they bought cheap gas to get to the station to protest it, or better they don't own a car, wear clothes or eat...what the fuck, where do these retards think they will get every fucking thing in their life at an affordable cost at that without capitalism? Do you think that they are so special that people will volunteer to provide every fucking thing they need in their life?

Walmarts provides cheap presciptions...Four fucking dollars for some generic prescriptions...I don't even get my insurance card out when I go to Walmarts...and there is not a day goes by where someone blast Walmarts for being an evil empire...putting Mom and Pop stores out of a news flash those Mom and Pop stores which decided not to compete when Walmart was small and growing, were capitalist too. I live in one of those small towns where Mom and Pops stores put up little signs in their stores about shopping locally and how evil Walmarts is..yet they close early so people working different shifts cannot shop there or people who do events with their children after work cannot get to the store at a reasonable hour... and they raise their prices so high that you cannot feed afford to feed you family or buy the hardware you need to fix what needs fixing, it is literally cheaper to drive an hour away and get the stuff I need at an affordable cost thanks to Capitalism. The Mom and Pop stores have decied not to compete...they refuse to change their habits to fit a modern society and are pissed because there are capitalist who are happy to provide a modern society with the thngs it needs at the hours it need it.

For over a decade now Oil companies have wanted to get Oil from Colorado and the North western region. It would be easier, safer for the enviroment then drilling under the ocean and plentiful...Enviromentalist have blocked this from happening. And Blocked future drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and on top of that BP has spent billions of dollars in research and development to bring the world cheap fucking gas...something the sign holders have not volunteered to do, even though they were born with the same resources that the BP engineers, and board members have...and now after years of ignoring the facts, blaming wars on Oil, and still demanding cheap gas to drive to the mall with, they head to Walgreens to buy poster board and magic markers to write crazy shit about capitalist. Fucking hippies.

Heres a piece of advice, you fuckers who hate capitalism so much, start your own manufacturing plants and energy sources and provide the world with every fucking thing that people use and give it away and give away any profits that you make and ask your employees to work for free...see how well that works out for you....fucking hippies.

If you are not working for free, you are living off the sweat of others.

Hippies should die.

Well if hippies aren't doing it...who will?