Friday, January 29, 2010

More SlapChopperDave love...get yours Slap at a time!

Exciting news on the blogfront...

Well damn I can't find the pictures of my bike covered in Snow from when I rode it home last in the snow/ice storm and only dropped it a few times, you see I live on top a huge curvy side road mountain pass and right in front of my house is the steepest...but all is good..or Goat is all good...which brings me to my first editorial at the infamous Seedy, Genghis' long running and contraversial forum board, noty for the faint at heart! I am glad to be on board! (I may have to get an Ipad this year so I can read my stuff at work!)

My favorite new blog...(though a little to TEOTWAWKI for my taste...but hey I do know Ben Bird so...)

ChopperDave has a new blog...(deny it Dave, I know it's yours...)

This is a must read for all you Sandra J fans!

This is for Pete...and ChopperDave, (because everythng we do here is for ChopperDave...)

Even if you choose not to...(The greatest rock band EVAR...)