Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bill Dozer continued! (More FXR of influence shots!)

I kind of like the Sporty tank on this one. I am hoping one of my aftermarket tanks will fit over the backbone of my bike so I have a tank to run while I paint my parts...although we are having typical sever thunderstorms, I am not tearing my bike down for thirty just never know when you may to head for the hills to avoid the infection. I pulled into work last night, (I work night shift this weekend,) and the EMT/Security guard said, "You know it is raining don't you?"'s your sign. I told him that he was a fair weather rider...well I had to explain what fair weather was...A couple employees from the reliveing shift told me it was a shame that I let my bike set outside in the rain last night...I said, it was a shame that their bikes are setting at home in a garage...hell my driveway is worse than anything most those guys will ever ride on...hell my driveway is worse than most adventurer rider types will ever ride on!
I was never a fairings type guy, but this kinda grows on me...I used to hate fairings when the Hamsters wearing yellow and Rd sneakers used to ride FXR's with teh Hamsters even exist anymore? I bet they ride choppers now!

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