Monday, September 28, 2009

Dang Ben, you found all the cool bikes today!

If I can get some sleep tomorrow...I will be installing my brake pedal and shifter on my mid mounts that I got from Elvis and post some pictures of FXR's that Elvis built...I plan on installing some floorboards on my FXR this winter...I love Floorboards!


  1. no Flynch no!
    save the flo-boards fo da dressers!!

  2. I fell in love with Floorboards the first time I rode a modern dresser and found out how well they worked and how comfortable they were...I am all about comfort! I will build my own set up so that I have ground clearence!

    Elvis has a lot of them on his website, but I would rather build them so they are where I want them and so they fold easily if they rub...I can touch the pipes on a hard right hander...left is the kickstand, though it isn't as bad now that I jacked the shocks up two notches....ride is a little harsher, but not much...

    I plan on doing some high speed touring next year and I want to be able to ride long distances without being uncomfortable.