Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flame on!

This a station wagon I owned years past. It originally was pale yellow and had huge surface rust rings all over it. When my oldest son was four, we sanded it down with 180 and painted it with house paint and brushes. My wife was eight months pregnant at the time so I had to put the car up on jack stands so she could paint the flames. My wife does great flame jobs I think!

People either loved or hated it after it was painted. Some people couldn't believe I ruined a perfectly good car...ruined a pale yellow rusty Olds station wagon? I had a couple friends who hated riding in it. It was obnoxious and people took pictures of it while you drove down the rode and gave you thumbs up all the time...except for the girl who gave me the finger. Maybe flames offended her. I miss that car!


  1. i think that you may be a little bit off base when it comes to the woman that gave you the finger. i would guess that it was meant for your wife stemming from the pure jealousy and rage due to the realization that she would never get to ride in the WAGON OF STEEL!