Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is no way to go thru life dude....(Apehangers suck.)

Yeah way to high for any kind of touring or performance riding. Oh I'm sure I looked cool riding thru town...well that goes without saying...but it sucked at highway speeds...and the bars were mounted solidly so you got all the vibrations thru your hands...The past owner solid mounted the bars, but the bars, it appears are factory FXRP bars, the brake line was factory, and the wiring was stock except for a slice done in the wiring which allowed them to cut the siren and flashing light wires. (The switches are still there!) With a tall police pogo and floorboards, it may not have been so bad...with the right bushings anyway. (I know the garage is a mess...the wife's C'Mere Deer will be gone soon and the rest is stuff displaced due to the house remodeling. Must build some shelves.)

Yep Mid-mounts are next. I am sure the past owner sold this bike because he ruined the comforts of owning an FXR and couldn't face up to it. (Yeah ugly paint and Chrome soon to go...Live to Ride stuff also...though these days I find the Live to Ride crap a lot less offensive then header wrap, created patina, bare metal and weld left exposed to represent hardcore. Anything that supposed to represent hardcore...if you have to try that hard...jus' saying.)

Ahh much better...the original XLS bars off Tom Rose's WarPig...(see below) it is nice to own a piece of history that functions! Special thanks to Chippy at:


For getting me the dual disc brake line in record time! Thanks to Tom for the bars and my eleven year old son for helping grab tools, holding the bars in place while I cursed randomly, master cylinder bleeding, and attempting to keep the three year old son from walking off with all the bolts, screws and tools needed...attempted anyway...also thanks for being amazed how well JB Weld fixes stripped handlebar control threads...I forget how miraculous JB Weld is! Thanks B.
Going for a ride today on the Chief White Eye Trail to test them out!

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