Sunday, September 27, 2009

The road to redemption?

Nope, just my driveway...heading to work. I work at a steel mill. I work a swing shift, one week days, take one day off, work another week of nights...something like that, I worked last night I can't remember. 12 hour shifts will screw up perspective. I never know what day it is. I never know what time of month it is, you just memorize the schedule and carry on.

It poured down rain last night, like it has for days. I have to get some gravel and limestone down in the driveway before winter or it will be hell just getting out to the road. But there are far worse things than riding in the cold and not riding at all. A jacket, full face helmet and windshield should do me fine for winter...may look into those heated grips dealio. Mid-Mounts work great, thanks again Jesse, as does the handlebars Tom! (new brake pedal and shifter coming soon thanks to Elvis...yeah Elvis baby!)

My road to work is brutal, deer, pot holes, school buses on the way home in the morning on narrow back roads, people late for work in the mornings, gravel roads, and last night I ran thru a batch of green smashed walnuts in the middle of a blind curve, talk about pucker factor...that would have been an embarrassing way to wreck, sliding due to salad topping officer...But I am sure everyone who commutes on a motorcycle has their own crosses to bear! The Joys of motorcycling indeed!

FXR or Die!

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  1. great to see you with a blog and even better a blog with fxr's. what ever happened to joel otto and the webber carbed monster?