Sunday, September 20, 2009

FXR's of influence.

Yeah...we here at the Chronicle are heavily influenced and inspired by FXR's...which is not to say that we won't be featuring other kinds of bikes...I mean if we found a Softail even, that twisted our Onion, we might...maybe would feature it...but for the most part FXR's do it for us. Who is to explain it? (Oh sure the arguement could be made that we're huge fans of Erik Buell who appears to be a faithful follower of brother John Galt and this was the bike he built to prove himself to the company so that he could move forward with his personal agenda,) or maybe it's because the bike is considered so unpopular to the ever constant conforming biker community, that it lends itself as a work of beauty to us who are sick of the 100mph fascist fashion rules that never seem to stop...or maybe because the FXR works so well. It does everything well. I have been constantly amazed at how well it handles, it holds a line as well a the past sport bikes I have owned. The lean angles are amazing and the gearing spot on. The ergos are perfect and it can run hard all day long and not kill you or itself. The mainstream motorcycle press should be ashamed of themselves for not using the FXR as a standard by which all Cruisers, and sport touring bikes from 1983 forward were judged. Yeah we are FXR carzy here and here are just a sprinkling of ones that do it for the future look for a Cincinnati inner city industrial tour with Road Racer Todd and his EDRFXR and maybe even a sunday morning sunday blast with the local road racers...shhhh...hell maybe we can get Nelson, (of Church of Choppers fame) to send us some pictures of his FXR...we know he is a faithful follower too...My own FXr will be a long running project bike and look for the never ending adventures of brother Tom Rose and the Warpig.

(We'll throw in the occasional picture of a hot chick too!)

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