Monday, October 5, 2009

Recycle or Die

Elvis has a mission statement in his FAQ's about reusing the boxes he sends his FXR parts in and ask you to reuse them to lessen the carbon footprint on the planet...OK so it's a bit Cali crunchy..but he has a good point, not everyone has a wood stove (like me) that needs kindling and it does piss me off to think that anyone would put cardboard in the garbage instead of burning it or using it as a shim for a cozy window in a Corvair.

And since we joke about my youngest son, Angus having psychic abilities, it came to no surprise when I read Elvis' request on his website today while writing his article...since the day that Fed Ex dropped off the giant box, Angus demanded he wanted a Taxi cab made from the box and luckily I have a creative wife which made good reuse of Elvis' shipping container...(though it seems that cat enjoys it just as much...) Angus saving the planet...already!


  1. it's a cats world, dig it...
    thye know that riding in a corrugated taxi rules

  2. I'm hoping X-mas shopping will be this easy!