Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Morning Sao Paulo...and all the other visitors I have had this morning!!!!

I love reading all the locations of all my blog readers...France, Sweden, Ohio, Illinois, Hull makes me wonder what it is like in thos towns...Brooklyn...the list is huge! Send me a picture and a little report about your town...I love to travel, and love travel shows...I love finding places that are interesting that tour shows and magazines haven't a clue about...

My internet server is gawd awful slow this morning...I have Hughes Net so that should explain it all...I cannot even check my hotmail to get my photos off soon as I get a better connection, the articles will be returning...Steve B's is shaping up nicely, KFNA sent me a kickass garage photo...Andy's and Ben just sent me a great article with great photos... and I want to do a little photo plg for Michael Lichter's photostream which the above photo was "borrowed" from...he takes such great action shots.

When Punk rock girls were scary and not just depressed. I used to own a copy of Reform School girls! (on Beta at that...) Stolen from Killboy...another great action photographer...who would have thunk a Voyager would look so cool chopped? Hey isn't the Voyager an American made motorcycle? Go Lincoln!

Stay tuned and send me those shots...and hell use this posting this morning as a guestbook, shout out and say where you are today!


  1. Live down in dirty jersey....halfway between philly and to travel when time and money permits...hit the very tip of kentucky once on tip going from wv to va....think i might try and see if the grass is blue next year

  2. I remember seeing one of those come off the assembly line in the Lincoln plant right next to a cop bike.