Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kalgon take me away...

So I get up this morning and write a couple articles, Steve B's and Angy Hoffers and about the time I amfinished, the computer crashes...FN crashes...FN Bill Gates you suck...and I have to go to work in a few hours for a week of Night shift...but never fail readers, here are some great pictures of Elvis's customers bike...Long LIve the King!


  1. Oh snap!

    Just don't go off the deep end and buy a MAC!

  2. No Chance Ben, I owned an Imac once and it was the worst experince of my life...I have to drive an hour and a half to buy a mouse..or anything for it...no one will give you free advice when the things takes a dump on you and they do...Andy Hoffer has saved my ass with a PC so many times...no thanks, no commie Apple crap for me...

  3. Amen!
    Same with me. My brother is known as Dr. Frankenstein around here... he has raised so many PC's from the dead we have lost count...

  4. hey hey haters, things change, the tide turns - keep yer minds open!

    in all honesty - i have to admit, i was with youse until i got fed up of the dark cult of the PC after one-too-many crash , and got one of the new generation Macs....have to admit, it dont suck, actually it is pretty doggone good - especially if you work alot with images

  5. Nice fxr man,i just recently bought a 1984 fxrt and have been gathering the parts to put it back to original...and have dealt with elvis....i really love the handling of this bike....the look is growing on me

    stoneblue dan

  6. I was going to black out the chrome side covers but I kinda like that it represents the part that the mainstream Harley crowd hated about the bike and the part that makes it work so well...the frame...

    Uh...I wouldn't hate Apples so much it weren't for the hour and half drive to the nearest Mac representiive and the crunchy Suburu Outback drivers who own them...(sorry Amy. I like Suburu's...they are made an hour or two from me...but some of the drivers...well)