Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cutting firewood today...Teaser shots...

I have to cut some firewood today and bring it in...just because I will ride all winter and suffer does not mean I and my family want to live in a cold house...and since we burn wood all winter, I have to cut some wood today...and all here are some shots to enjoy while you wait for me to finish the article about Elvis, and Steve B's FXR...Tom Roses fantastic off road FXR adventures,(trying to dig Joel out of retirement too) Stroked104's Dresser adventures, Irish Rich and ChopperDaves contributions...and (shhh...) an update from the infamous and my hero forever....KFNA! (so stay tuned folks, and don;t be afraid to make comments...)

A Cool FN FXR that Elvis built...(yes I have an autographed Elvis postcard!)


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