Monday, October 5, 2009

Elvis' Place...Riding with the King!

Everybody knows or should know that I am a hopeless when I needed some parts for my FXR, I was giddy with excitement and full of Rush Limbaugh sized joy to find a fine American Capitalist who could fill my FXR needs and do an excellent job at it. Hell how FN American is it that you can find a company that deals solely in an obsolete motorcycle that didn't sell all that great to start with but has such a loyal following that...well hell requires a company that deals in parts for them?!!! (Thank Gawd there is a cult of people who has been rescuing former Hamster FXR's and returning to near perfect condition...though there may not be enough paint stripper to fix xome of those teal green and pink FXR's...)

I needed some small parts for my FXR, a brake pedal, a shifter, a couple odds and ends linkage parts and a Wicked Weasel front fender. And going to the dealer to buy FXR parts...well you all have your own experiences trying to buy functioning equipment from your local dealer...let alone FXR parts...hell you may as well try to get Buell parts...but Low and behold Elvis in Cali had just what I needed for a fair price and delivered promptly...even though I ordered them the week of the G4 summit and Fed Ex sent me a notice that extra security may slow down my delivery...but the fine Capitalist at Fed Ex also knew how tough it was riding a FXR with forward controls up my driveway is...

Elvis's website is great, always changing and having every single thing you could want for a FXR...Cop and otherwise...He has an Arlen Ness/Danny Grey seat I want and a set of birthday is coming up, (hint hint girls...) so I'm hoping...I visit his website just to see the cool stuff he gets in regularly...I want one of those cop fairing he has listed today on bad it cost about the same price as the siding I need for the house...(which is fair considering that Elvis is safely storing FXR's parts for future generations, he deserves to make a handsome profit...ain't that America! must warm Ayn's heart!)

Elvis also has built some interesting FXR's, though not quite my style, interesting none the less, they are far more interesting then the former Hamster built FXR's and that gawd awful Orange and lime green FXR that Randy Smith built...I really dig the Sportster powered FXR he built, though that kinda ruins the ability to have kickstart and magnetos... I really dig the hard bagged XLS barred FXR's he builds! Those are ready for serious riders and Zombie hunters!

For the next couple days, (while I am on night shift and not really functioning properly in the day light,) I will be posting some great FXR's ridden by Elvis's customers...

Go here for all your apocalyptic FXR needs! Tell him Flynch or Tom Rose sent you and get an Autographed postcard signed personally by Elvis!


  1. Way cool, Flynch! I appreciate the plug. Remind me of this when you make your next purchase.... will put some extra goodies in your box!

    FXR -or- DIE!

    E. 10/05/09

  2. niiice, i've lusted after the odd part here or there on Elvi's site...thank the powers that be that some folks support the most capable of all HD platforms - the FiXeR


  3. I am thinking I have to help Angus and Elvis save the planet from cardboard boxes...and I guess we need a fleet of corrugated taxis upstairs...just what to put in those boxes..