Thursday, October 1, 2009

A day at Big Rock

I spent yesterday with co-workers at the Big Rock off-road park in Maysville Kentucky riding as a passenger in a co-workers Polaris Side by side. These freaking things are amazing! I have owned and had friends that have insane off-road vehicles that could go dang near anywhere and these things with only better tires can out perform even the most radical Jeep. I grew up in the Maysville area, I knew how tough the terrain was, extremely steep mountains, rock everywhere, mud slicker than axle grease, and thick as J-lo's...well...This is Capitalism at it's best! See a need from the consumer and build and market the exact product they need and sell it to them at a fair cost.

The best thing was, there was twelve Side by Sides, no one broke so hard that we couldn't continue to keep riding, and even when one blew a tire off the rim, we tipped it up by hand, fixed it with winch and a small air compressor in minutes. No one got so stuck that we were not able to rock them out or winch them out with small winches...easily! Fun was had by all! (And the things sip gas.)

These things will change the future of off-roading, you heard it here first, so in a few years when Off-road magazines featuring trucks and Jeeps are crying the blues, don't yell for government intervention, tell them they should have paid attention to what was happening off-road.

There will be more and more of these things off-road replacing full size vehicles, mark my words. One day of having fun in them and you will throw rocks at spending a ton of money to try to get a full size vehicle to keep up with them. (one guy in our crowd has a expensive roack crawler which he leaves setting now because he has polaris RazorS now...) Find a product these consumers need for their Side X Sides and market it toward them and get rich doing it.


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