Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I wish...I wish I knew someone who had a crane who went to Burning Man every year...

I used to know an artist who wanted to be a bike builder who brazed his art work together and it was fine as long as it was mounted on the wall, but once it made it's way to a bike, it crashed to the earth. His inability to create a functioning piece of art changed the way I viewed a lot of things, art and motorcycles and what was considered function versus the cosmetic appeal of a two wheel machine...I think about it a lot, especially when I find myself looking at a motorcycle that excites my eye yet I know deep down that it can still be beat on all accounts by a 15 year old Honda Pacific Coast...but this work of art, this is functioning...this is an artist who understands industrial tooling....this is BeingJohnMalkovich on acid...be sure to watch the guys other videos...creepy yes...very...cool none the less in a what a person with artistic inspiration and a back hoe can do!

By the way if someone was to build this, Sarah has volunteered her sculpture building skills to the project...would make a great home schooling project....jus sayin'...

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  1. I know a certain pair of well drillers that would be able to pull this off...but with flamethrowers on his arms.