Friday, May 14, 2010

FRX goodness!!! (FXRP that is....)

Ben sent me a link to another blog that sometimes features FXR's...he said FXR's have become bigger than the Beatles...well lets hope not...and while FXR's seem to be experiencing a appreciation boom...lets remember Ben that while it is Ivo who is praising FXR's...he does live in California, home of Emo's on Harleys wearing pegged pants and Chuck Taylors...not really TEOTWAWKI types...(and don't forget ChopperDave lives in Cali...)

But anyhoo, I should be out cussing the weedeater some more so I can get the house appraised and remodeled so I can go on road trips on my FXR...

And speaking of Roadside Marty is hooking me up with some FXR parts....anything you need to plug Marty?

I picked up a copy of Cycle Source magazine today...they have a very interesting "Buy American" philosophy, and it interest me because I think America's strong point has always been it's strong Industrial and manufacturing backbone and that has been exported to countries because of cheaper labor cost...but it isn't that easy. I grew up in a very strong Union family, I saw first hand how inefficient they can be, how bad employees are impossible to get rid of and while they offered good employees good pay, it came at the end of the Manufacturers profit when things turned slow or the economy wained...this created a Manufacturing monopoly because only huge business could survive like this. No small manufacturing company could afford to hire Union labor. In the strong Union days, even huge manufacturers started looking else where they could have things manufactured and not have to deal with Union labor. It wasn't until huge Union manufacturers started going under, (Like the Steel industry in Pa.) that manufacturers started building factories and hiring non-Union labor in America(and paying them well to head off a Union threat, no denying that) and now American manufacturing is making a comeback....The government constantly taxing Corporations and classifying "Corporations" as evil does not help either. Making a profit is not evil. (but makes no bones about it, successful Manufacturers need to have a good global trade in order to grow. It works both ways.)

In Cincinnati right now, the city has their hand out to P&G to help pay for the city pools they cannot afford to keep open, (but they can afford to arrest 26 drug and gang suspects 199 times in the last two years and not put them in prison,)...P&G who make high quality products for the public and support a lot of American jobs are still treated as if they must pay up in order to do business in to wonder what would happen if they don't pay up?

Here's the link to Cycle Source...(a magazine I think has potential as a great motorcycle magazine for the intellectual biker.) Interesting read!


  1. Thanks for the plug Flynch!! Those are some awesome pics as well.. love the one with Rt bags..simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! Digging your stuff out this week, Roadside

  2. Wow.....I had a hand in building that bike in NH in the winter of 09. Wish I had the dough in hand when it sold....Some dude in Canada picked it up I believe. I have more pics of it if anyone is interested.