Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Harley Davidson

THIS...this is what you need to be building. Dressera are hot and they are not a fad, people realive how utilitarian a Dresser can be and casnnot live without the space to store and haul...but some of us want great handling and light weight, (I had to pick my bike up off an ice covered road a lot last winter and out of a muddy dicth a few times when I slid off the road...I couldn't have did that with a full dresser..) We know you are not going to bring back the FXRT but you could build something like this...this rocks!

Do it before we convince Erik to build FXRP's again...(and we can be very convincing...hell what am I saying, HD has been ripping my ideas off for over two decades, why not at least offer it to you...hell no hard feeing or nothing, but damn this industry would be aqua and yellow FXR's with chin spoliers had it not been for us PisspeasM/C...)


  1. I would love to hear how this handles with that fairing or better yet an FXRP fairing on a 00 FXDX now that would be one fine road machine..BTW Flynch, who's the mystery rider and scoot?