Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Share the road

It drives me bonkers when I read the bumper stickers that say "Share the road, motorcycles are everywhere." Don't share the road, it's your fucking road too, it doesn't belong to semi's or automobiles commuting to work or to little league. They are not entitled to more road than you for any reasons, I don't care if they pay more taxes than you. It is your planet and your only life, quit giving away your entitlement to use it. If you think you should share the road, share it off a cliff and with a hand full of throttle. I'll go even further. There should be no automobiles or 4 wheel vehicles allowed into Urban areas. By special permit only, say you're delivering non-GMO contaminated groceries for the residents. ONLY motorcycles, bicycles, horse drawn vehicles and commuter trains. Think of how much traffic that would free up, pollution and the quality of gear created for year round commuting motorcyclist. yeah go green, ride a motorcycle. Fucking revolutionary.

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