Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love Genghis' photography...

I wish I had the nerve to take such great candid shots! He captures life in NYC perfectly!

Here is a link to my latest editorial at the Seedy!

This was an editorial I wrote for a magazine that I was asked to write for. No word limitations were placed on the editorial and when I turned it in, the new editor of the ill-fated job loved it...LOVED it...left me a great voice mail telling me so..then a few days later he asked me to cut it in half...I cut it down to two words. "I quit." Obviously the management (who would never ask an advertiser to not express themselves in so many words,) had gotten to the editor. Fine, I can understand that had I been told in the first place that editorials were to be brief descriptions and quirky antidotes. But the worst was the editor did not go to bat for his writers. If the very first time I a turn something in, that I cannot trust my editor to defend me, then I am not spending my days standing on my virtual coffee table giving them the best I have to offer. This is why the Internet will kill the magazine industry. People want content, not just well placed adds.

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  1. good stuff man! good writing! I will be checking in there often