Monday, February 22, 2010

Get what you pay for...

Oh I know we here on Interweb don't put in any hours or sacrifice our time for what we publish, in fact the photos you see below were actually photoshopped, I didn't go for a ride to fill my tank with gas in preparation for nightshift this weekend when I won't feel like stopping...and no that isn't snow you see, or was it raining...and we here on Al Gore's creation are not worried about making a profit or the quality of our writing....because all of us here...posting into outerspace also have avenues of good old bricks and mortor paper journalism to express our views, likes and dislikes...AND we are wasting our time expressing ourselves, our likes and dislikes because the paper journalistic world is giving us quality, intelligent writings and bike features that satisfy our needs and wants, so yes we are wasting your time. (no you can't have your thirty seconds back that you just spent putting your tounge in your cheek.)

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