Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ozz's FXR....

Here's some pictures of my 'early' 84 FXRP.

I bought the bike from a former co-worker who decided to buy a Heritage. No accounting for taste.

The tank that came on it was a dented rusty POS internally, I replaced it with the current one,flames & all off E bay for $185.
Changed the shocks from the stock ones to the shorter ones on it now.Dropped it about 1-1/2"-2", so call me a heretic, it still corners fine . The stock forks on FXRP's as well as RT's, RD's and I believe FXRS-SP's are an 1-1/2 " longer than regular FXR front tubes..There's still plenty of clearence for "curb jumping". The stock pipes with the crossover and SE slip-ons work fine. Years ago BUB Enterprises did a dyno test of their pipes,Thunderheaders,SuperTrapps & the crossovers with slip-ons. The thing I noticed in the test was that the stock cross over pipes with good slip-on mufflers did nearly as well as the aftermarket pipes(within 1-2 hp) & at certain rpm's (mainly mid-range where most riding takes place)they actually did better.
I've a lifelong friend who has a newer Night Train with the 96" motor. I leave him behind whenever I want.

Rear chain drive; stock from H-D.,breather hose venting on the ground, Dry clutch,S&S "E" simply because I like them. Throw over bags (not pictured) carry what's needed. I've still got the cop bags,seat, front & rear fenders.
Slowly building a parts horde, extra seats,tanks,fenders ,speedometers (one NOS )& exhausts so far.

I turned 58 in Oct.,I remember when cop bikes were bought, stripped of parts & built to suit the rider's preferences. It's what "we" did.


  1. My FXR has short shocks, I plan on replacing them with one inch taller Works shocks..but for now they will have to do until the new year...I rub the kickstand a little, but right now I am working on machining it down with my fvoririte curve...working on my seat...now that I have mid mounts, I find the seat sucks...going to cut it up and see about geting a new cover made for it...bought a replacement from Elvis, bt it is too deep too...

  2. these are cool bikes. especially the early shovel ones. same frame as the FLT, so one can often find ugly duckling dressers cheap and strip'n em' his great fun!

    i will have to add though, no evo i ever had would come close to my TC96 superglide in a throttle romp. maybe the heavier softails and the TC96Bs' counter balance stuff robs some power. but in my experiences there still is no substitute for cubic inches.

  3. 3 way ajustable sportster shoocks are great on fxr's.Ive got a 82 swapped in a evo saving the shovel for future projects

  4. i like that he left the exhaust crossover on this bike, smart thing to do with an evo......as far as "throttle romp" goes, if you thrash an FXR too harshly without toughening it up first with stuff like a torque arm and swingarm bushings, you are going to break it.. i know firsthand

    FXR's are really amazing handling, torquey as get out - they are perfect as an 89" powered machine.. *just* enough beef to be exciting...