Monday, November 9, 2009

Just reading the Kicker article on Attack Chopper...

And knowing Tom Rose's quest for Perpetual Motion...and trying to figure out why Hippies...AKA Californians are so moody...and hell the Deer are in rut, the local grocery stores are full of city folk wearing brand new camo and flannel; cussing, farting, spitting and eating Vienna Sausages like there has been an apocalypse and we don't have such niceties as electricity in the country...or preservatives...and hell we got rid of satellite TV, so we are back to watching the original version of Monster with all that said, I dedicate this to y'all...


  1. Tom asked me to post this for him...the message came to me by Wells Fargo Wagon drawn by lathered horses:

    "You malign me my friend. You know I don't have a television or any other modern entertainment except me lathe.

    I was unable to post this after writing it on the screen. Did you know that libraries no longer provide ink to patrons? And what is this "ball point" pen I was offered before my exit escort arrived?

    Tom Rose"

  2. sorry Bird, I cannot accept this excuse from Tom, if he decrying technology and purposely martyring himself as a protest of peoples minds who create modern technology, then how can I trust his hypothesis about magneto's and Kick start only?

    There is no way that he has not been exposed to the Red Green show or ink pens...or keyboards.

    Typing saves time which buys you more quality time to live.