Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On my way to work last week....

Thinking about getting some hard bags from Tom Rose...really need them...Tom are they any lowere than my soft bags or will I need taller shocks, like right now?


  1. The other day I got a message via a frostbitten, wind tossed, inebriated carrier pigeon and on his leg was a message written by a thumbnail dipped in tar.
    It's was singed by Toms shearing mate:

    I'm not sure how low your soft bags are, becuase it varies, but I do know that your bike is too fucking low!
    (nice see through eye sore btw)
    I in fact have the exact shocks you need.
    Although, the fenders struts that I have will change the angle of your shocks for the better. Even those short little posing shocks that you are running!
    When BDO was running short little posing shocks he rasied his police bags by cutting and modifying them to get more ground clearance.
    Of course no matter how much he modified his saddlebag brackets it still didn't affect the size of his ass! And he got a bagger as he got older and more decrepit!


  2. Yeah too long didn't read...besides as long a Tom refuses to accept the science of learning how to use the internet and type, how can I trust his judgement about motorcycles. It is all science.